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Wedding Invitations & When To Send Them By!

What’s a big show without an audience? Here’s what you need to know about these wedding invitations and when to get them out!

The first and biggest question about wedding invitations typically is “when are they supposed to be sent?”

Now to give you some insight, wedding invitations are sent out around 8 to 12 weeks before the wedding day.

The reason you want those invites sent out so far in advanced is to give your guest…

  1. Enough time to make travel plans if they’re coming from out of town.

  2. Notice to have it on their calendar for work.

Sending invitations 8-12 weeks out gives a better estimate of guests for the actual wedding day. This way you can also give your wedding vendors a finalized headcount in a reasonable timeframe.

The second question usually is, “what should they look like?”

The answer is really simple. Think about it. What does your wedding design look like?

Remember your invitations are the first looks of your wedding to your guest. This first impression will allow your guests to dress accordingly.

They should match the design of the wedding.

Lastly, “what’s included on the invitations?”

Of course, the expected stuff such as the date, time, location, but don’t forget to add in the RSVP date you would like your guest to respond by!

You don’t want to be stressing out the week leading up to your wedding, attempting to figure out who’s all coming and if you have enough food.

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