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Top 7 Items to Include in Your Emergency Wedding Kit

Wedding emergency's happen and that's okay! Here's a list of the top items to pack in your emergency wedding kit so you are prepared!

1.) Band-aids

Anything from an accidental fall, champagne pop gone wrong, shoes rubbing your feet, etc., Band-Aids will save the day! These can be placed in restrooms for guests to use as well.

2.) Tide To Go

Accidental spills on the dance floor, make-up or fake tan rubbing off on your dress/suit, spilled food, anything can happen! Keep a tide to go stick near to conquer any stains that may occur.

3.) Tissues

You will forever treasure those sweet, special moments...which could likely end in tears. Don't forget tissues to soak up all those happy tears!

Pro tip: Blotting with tissues keeps your fabulous wedding day makeup in tactic.

4.) Water/Snacks

Your wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint. Make sure you and your bridesmaids/

groomsmen are hydrating all day and getting some snacks in. Your body will thank you for this when you start drinking and hit the dance floor all night long!

5.) Mints/Gum

You and your partner are 'mint' to be!

Keep your breathe fresh on your wedding day by sneaking a mint or piece of gum. Don't forget to take these out during your ceremony and portraits!

6.) Medicine/Headache Relief

You and your wedding guests will be enjoying the day to the fullest! Keeping medicine near to keep your headache, joint pain, nausea, etc. away will be key to feeling your best!

7.) Sewing Kit

Keep a mini sewing kit handy!! These can be used to stitch a button that popped off, keep your zipper from falling down and so much more!! And bonus make sure it is stocked with safety pins and little scissors. Run away strings or forgotten itched tags are the worst.

Those bustles never want to stay put once you hit the dance floor either, but we can help with that! ;)

In order to enjoy your wedding the most, these items should be included in your emergency wedding kit so you are prepared for any accidents that may occur.

Luckily, the planners at Better Together Planning have perfected a wide-reaching emergency wedding kit to handle any emergency that happens. Contact them to talk about planning packages that can help you fulfill your dream wedding.

Contact us today for your free consultation call!

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