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Full Service or Wedding Management- How to Choose?

Are you planning your wedding and trying to decide if you need a full service planner or just an event manager? Here are a few of the main differences!! We are a local Corpus Christi, Texas based wedding planner.

Full Service Planner

If you hire a full service planner, you really are getting an advocate/bff for your whole wedding process. This planner sticks with you from engagement to wedding day and will learn about each aspect you want to have in your wedding. They are pros when it comes to vendor selections, contracts, quotes and invoicing with each of your potential wedding vendors. They will be able to guide you and give their advice on how to create a wedding budget and choose vendors that fit in your budget. Your planner will create a timeline for each aspect of your wedding planning process and provide you with your very own wedding vision board so you can see your dreams come to light. A full service wedding planner is able to relieve you of stress and help you actually enjoy your engagement season. They will be able to keep yourself and vendors on track and handle any issues that may arise on your big day!

Event Manager

An event manager, also known as a wedding coordinator, is going to manage your wedding day. You will provide this planner with all the details about 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day. They will be in charge of finalizing all your vendor contracts, timelines and getting the remaining details cross checked. They will also most likely help coordinate your rehearsal. They will be the main point of contact on your wedding day so you are able to enjoy your day without being glued to your phone. They will set up your personal decor and keep you, your wedding party and guests within the timeline. They are here for any last minute details that need to be completed and to help your wedding day run as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few questions to consider to decide which is right for you?

A wedding planner does more than just making lists. Having an advocate to support you during the wedding planning process is a game changer!

  • Do you both work full time?

  • Do you want to spend ALL your free time deep diving into wedding planning?

  • Do you have an active social life?

  • Will you be traveling or taking vacation during your engagement?

  • Have you planned a wedding before?

  • Do you have big expectations for design and aesthetics?

If these sparked some interest, a wedding planner might be a good idea for y’all! A wedding planner does more than just making lists. Having an advocate to support you during the wedding planning process is a game changer!

The best way to choose the planner that will work best for you is to factor in personality, your needs, and the amount of time you have dedicated to planning your wedding. For more information on what a full service wedding planner provides, check out the Better Together Planning services.

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