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5 Meaningful Moments to Capture on Wedding Day

Your wedding day is going to be perfect. You are going to want to capture all the special moments on this day so you can remember them forever. Here are the 5 must have wedding moments to include time for in your wedding day timeline.

1.) First Look/Touch

This special moment shared between you and your partner will be magical. Whether you do a first look or first touch, make sure your photographer captures this moment between the both of you! Whether you're exchanging vows, praying together or just taking a moment to yourselves, these photos will take you right back to that moment.

First looks with bridesmaids, dad, and special key family members are also becoming more popular. Consider adding those into your timeline as well.

2.) Details

The details should include items such as your wedding invitations, both rings, any special item you or your partner will wear that day, your heels, veil, boutonnière, perfume/cologne, save the dates and and even some of your wedding florals. These shots will encompass the look and feel of your wedding day. We LOVE a good flat lay photo, don't miss out on these!

3.) Ceremony

During the ceremony, you'll want to capture each of your reactions while walking down the aisle. You may also ask the photographer to capture the audience and wedding parties' reactions during significant moments in the ceremony. And don't forget to ask your officiant to step out of the way for the KISS.

4.) Post Ceremony

You will forever cherish that post ceremony feeling of you and your partner walking back down the aisle together! This is the time for the perfect photo of the two of y'all! Now's the time to add that rehearsed dip and kiss when you get half way down the aisle!

5.) Reception Details

Don't forget to capture the beauty of your reception decorations, dinner, desserts, and table decor before it's time to celebrate and enjoy all the happy moments of dancing, cutting cake, visiting with your guests and so much more! Once the guests enter the space, it's tainted with trash, purses, drinks, jackets, etc. Have some time prior to ceremony or during cocktail hour prior to guests being invited into the reception space to capture all those details you worked for months to plan out.

If there are any other specific moments you would like captured, let your planner or photographer know in advance so they can help you achieve it.

Check out our event management package to ensure a perfect wedding day timeline! And follow us on IG more wedding tips.

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