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5 Amazing Cake Alternatives for Your Wedding

In these modern days more and more people are opting out of wedding cakes. Here’s the thing, some people don’t want the huge cake price tag or just aren’t cake people, like myself, either way if this sounds like you let’s get into some great cake alternatives!

1. Donut towers:

Donuts are a great alternative to wedding cakes. If ordered right you may even save on the dessert budget. You could even do donut holes!

2. Giant Cookie:

For all the cookie lovers out there this right here is just for you. Not much more needs to be said about it, a huge mouth watering cookie.

3. Macaroon:

Another classic yet more modern turn is the macaroon. You can tower it or even just have them plated on a table.

4. Muffins:

Muffins are great for the ready-to-go crowds. You can even have fun with it and do something like strawberry shortcake!

5. Bundtinis:

This is another great individually based dessert for those come and go crowds!

No matter what dessert you have as long as it’s something you and your husband can enjoy that’s all that matters. Congratulations!!

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