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10 Important FAQs to Include on Your Wedding Website

Do you have wedding guests reaching out to you or your fiancé to ask questions about your big day? To eliminate some of the time and stress spent on answering each person, include a tab for frequently asked questions on your wedding website. Here are some of the most important FAQs to include!

1. ) Where are the ceremony and reception taking place? What is the best way to get to the


  • Here you want to give the name and address of your venue. Make sure to note which venue is the ceremony and reception venues, if at two locations.

  • Provide your guests with all the details regarding transportation. Will there be a shuttle to and from the hotel to the ceremony/reception? Is there a taxi/Uber drop off at the venue?

2.) Where do you recommend staying?

  • If your guests are traveling from out of town, they will need a place to stay? Will you be arranging a hotel block? If so, where? You can also recommend hotels, bed and breakfasts or Airbnb's that are near your venue.

3.) Are kids allowed at the wedding?

  • Whatever you prefer. If children are allowed, here is where you can provide the parents with more information (children plates, entertainment, caregivers). If children are not allowed, simply say things like: unfortunately our venue cannot accommodate children under the age of 18, use our wedding as a date night or we love your children but we see our wedding as an adult only affair.

4.) What's the dress code? Any colors to avoid?

  • Is there a specific dress code for your wedding? You will want to list this on the formal invitation as well as on the website. Please note the specific dress code and any colors you want your guests to avoid (white, cream, bridesmaid colors).

5.) Can I bring a plus-one?

  • Whether you are allowing a plus one or not, it is best to state this information clearly to your guests. An easy way to do so is to simply include the list of the invited guest(s) and name of their plus one on the RSVP card. This way, there is no room for add on guests and your invited guest will be aware if they can bring their special someone.

6.) What time should I arrive?

  • You should double check with your wedding planner or venue coordinator to ensure your guests arrive with ample time to be greeted and seated. Typically, your guests should arrive 15-30 minutes prior to ceremony time so they have time to park and be seated.

7.) When do I RSVP by?

  • Your vendors will determine when your RSVP deadline should be. They need plenty of time to be able to prepare for all guests. They likely will give you a deadline of 3-4 weeks before the wedding. Make sure to double check with all vendors and venues to see how long they need.

8.) Will there be an open bar?

  • Whatever you prefer and budget for. Fun ways to say yes: drinks on us, hangovers on you. Ways to say no: we will not be providing an open bar, but we would love for y'all to let loose, please bring your cash or card to be served.

9.) Do you have a wedding hashtag?

  • Include hashtag(s) here! Your guests will be able to post and you will have all photos from your day under this hashtag! You may also want to include your wedding hashtag on your invites, wedding website and at the wedding (entry table, near guest book/sign in).

10.) Do you have a registry?

  • Include your registry link here! You registry can also be included on your formal invites and on a tab on your wedding website.

For more tips and tricks follow us on IG @bettertogetherplanning. If this was helpful, check out what else we can do for you during this engagement season - Check out more.

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