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TOP 10 Reasons to Hire A Professional Florist for Your Wedding

written by Fancy Fancy Floral

Are you wavering between a DIY (do it yourself) approach or hiring a professional florist for your wedding? The price of a wedding adds up fast, and many couples search for ways to substitute professionals for DIY. Wedding flowers are often one of the first items couples consider doing themselves to cut costs. We've all seen those Tik Toks!

However, a few key advantages to working with a professional florist often outweigh the money-saving benefits of doing it yourself.

These are the top 10 reasons to hire a professional florist for your wedding, written by Fancy Pants Floral located in surrounding area of Corpus Christi, Texas.


Are flower transportation and display what you want to focus on during your big day?

Being responsible for your wedding flowers is different from, say, booking your wedding venue, which can be done well in advance. Remember, floral arrangements have a limited window of time to look perfect before they wilt, so they should be prepared close to the wedding day itself. Hiring a professional florist for your wedding takes one more thing off your plate the week of your wedding.


When planning a successful wedding, details are essential, but there must also be a big picture and a cohesive vision.

A good florist will be able to see your big day as one fluid event before ever discussing details like flowers and rental pieces. Often, all you'll need is pictures of your wedding dress, color swatches of the bridal party's attire, and any other pics or mood board inspiration for a talented florist to make the magic happen. You can also make unique recommendations to complete your vision such as flower crowns!


Surprises and unplanned situations are the last things any bride wants on her wedding day.

When you hire a professional florist, you'll be able to view their portfolio and hear first-hand from previous clients about their experience. You can get the details of the florist's personality, experience, and how they brought the client's vision to life. Feeling confident that your floral arrangements will look exactly as planned and arrive on time is an underrated luxury.


Here's a familiar situation: you watched a DIY video on Pinterest, it seemed simple, and you felt confident. You gather the materials and give it a good DIY try, but somehow, the result looks nothing like Pinterest.

Even though you may have researched crafting bouquets and arrangements, that doesn't mean you it will turn out the same. Florists also use higher quality materials than you can't purchase in a store and can give you personalized tips for preserving your bouquet. Additionally, wedding florists have access to specific types of flowers and color palettes that you may have yet to consider.


Experts will help you achieve your vision, leaving you time to plan the wedding of your dreams and not spend countless hours learning about floral arrangements.

Little details, such as keeping the arrangements at the correct temperature, properly trimming the leaves and thorns, and overall visual impact, are crucial to the final result. Imagine trying to learn color combos, the best flowers to use for the season, and how to treat your flowers properly, all while planning the event itself! Knowledge and attention to detail are one of the reasons clients choose Fancy Pants Floral as their florist!


Most brides don't have the connections that a professional wedding florist does.

Designers have been in the industry for years and have first-hand knowledge of all the best places to source your blooms. A good florist also knows what decor will highlight your arrangements and where to display them. When you book with a pro, you get access to their connections and possibly even recommendations for other areas of your wedding, such as venues, bakers, and photographers.


This one is for brides who think it will be easier and less expensive to enlist their friends and relatives who may have experience with flowers-

Warning: this could be a huge mistake! Not only because you might not get the quality you're expecting, but working for free or paying less than a professional florist could cause a strain in your relationship. Friends and family are not under contract to give you the best results like a professional florist provides.


Florists are creatives and can arrange bouquets that make a statement and match your event's centerpieces, decor, and environment.

Professionals can also incorporate personal details, like heirlooms, jewelry, or photographs, into the floral arrangements!

Everything from the details of your wedding dress, engagement ring, or cake should be considered to ensure your event feels cohesive.

Items I have incorporated into bridal bouquets include the bride’s deceased dad’s tie, special rocks and stones, small photos, charms and more!


As already mentioned, flowers have a limited window of time before they start to wilt and an even smaller window that is optimal, so pieces should be prepared within 24 hours of your wedding day. By hiring a professional florist, you won't have to stress over trying to get everything done the day before or keep flowers fresh.

Additionally, florists plan, set up, and break down events and weddings all year. Pros know when to prepare your pieces for optimal blooms, how to prep a ceremony arch, and how to arrange wedding centerpieces quickly and efficiently.


We're here for you! As professional florists, we take our business to heart and strive to provide only the best to our clients.

At Fancy Pants Floral, we dream in flowers. Let us breathe life into your vision for your big day. Contact us for a free customized quote to fit your needs and discuss your dream day! "

For more information about Better Together Planning's design services check out our packages here.

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