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How to Create Your Wedding Processional Order

Hi and welcome! If you don't know me, I'm Maddie a local wedding planner in South Texas. Specifically Corpus Christi, TX.

To jump right in, this processional order will be the most traditional version. But I will give alternative options as well, so read all the comments.

Let's get to it... Up first we have the family!

1) Groom's grandparents

2) Bride's grandparents

3) Groom's parents

4) Bride's mother

For this set of people keep in mind: any limited mobility for elderly, if any one may need an usher if their significant other is not available, and any sensitive relationships. And for mother of the bride, traditionally the father of the bride walks down his daughter. Who will escort the mother?

Next up we have bridal party!

5) Groom

6) Wedding Party

7) Ring Bearer

8) Flower girl

First is the groom and officiant, the can walk down the aisle first or come in through the side. The most common way is to have officiant positioned up front and have groom walk in before wedding party.

Now for the wedding party, some people like the coupled look, but some people like the single file for the processional. Some things to consider are uneven numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen, I suggest single file for uneven wedding parties and to group up during the recessional.

And now for the most important piece of the puzzle... THE ORDER! The wedding party lines up farthest away from couple to closest (best man and MOH). This way everyone files in naturally and doesn't have to step over their neighbor.

Protip: If the ring bearer and flower girl are really young, let them walk together. The will be less intimidated by all the staring eyes and will be less likely to bolt.


9) Bride w/ FOB

Please note this is the traditional order of a processional, I know that each family dynamic is different. So adapt this to best fit your family situations, or keep it simple!

For more tips and tricks, find me on instagram @bettertogetherplanning!

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